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What Is An SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a detailed evaluation of your website, taking into consideration a range of search engine optimisation factors to ensure your website is performing to the best of its ability. At its core, an SEO site audit assesses how your website appears in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and identifies any areas where improvements are needed to advance your site’s search position.

The higher your page ranks, the more views you will get! Think of an SEO site audit as a website health check, a full review of your website foundations to reveal any issues with technical SEO, website structure, on-page SEO, user experience or off-site problems. Your website SEO audit will also show any content gaps or opportunities, as well as insights into your competitive market.


Why Are SEO Audits Important?


Identifies Website Technical Issues

Your SEO Audit Report Will Demonstrate, In A Clear And Tangible Manner, How Your Website Is Performing Technically. This Includes Assessing Your Website Speed, Identifying Any Redirects Or Errors, Reviewing Your Site Architecture And URL Structure And, Ensuring That The Overall Crawability Is Good. All Of These Metric Checks Help To Make Your Website User-Focused And Search Engine Friendly. This Will Help Boost Your Page Ranking And Will Promote A Fantastic User Experience Which Will Inspire Customers To Invest In Your Business And Return To Your Website. By Identifying And Rectifying Any Technical SEO Issues, You Will Begin To See An Enhancement In Digital Visibility, Traffic And Customer Conversion.


Easy On-Page Fixes & Content Planning

A Website SEO Audit Will Quickly Identify Any On-Page Issues Which Can Be Easily Changed To Improve Your Overall Page Ranking – The Low-Hanging Fruit Of SEO Optimisation! These Quick And Easy Changes May Seem Simple, But Ensuring Your Meta Tags Are The Correct Length, Headers Are Correctly Labelled, And Internal Linking Is Sound Will Instantly Lift Your SEO Ranking. Our SEO Audit Service Will Quickly Identify These Easy To Adjust Changes, Giving You A Strong Start To Your Overall Website Optimisation. Your SEO Audit Report Is Rich With Useful Data Findings Which Can Guide Your Digital Strategy; Particularly When Informing Your Content Strategy, With On-Page Content Data And Keyword Opportunities Illuminated By Our SEO Content Audit.


Beat Your Competitors

An SEO Content Audit Will Guide Your On-Page Content Plan And Keyword Mapping By Unveiling What Users Interact With And If You Are Missing Any Opportunities, Including A Detailed Review Of Your Market Competitors. Assessing Your Market Competitors Is A Vital Aspect Of A Thorough SEO Audit As It Will Reveal Any Missed Content Opportunities Or Keyword Targeting Which Could Push Your Ahead Of Your Competitors And Expand Your Consumer Audience. By Identifying What Your Competitor’s Digital Strategy Is, Our SEO Experts Can Work To Build A Strategy Which Is Bigger And Better Than Your Competitors And Help You Get Ahead In The Digital Race For The Top SERP Position.


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